About Us



Nantucket Faraway Chocolate is a local family owned craft chocolate business started by Chef Andre Marrero.  After cooking in some of New York City’s finest restaurants, Andre quickly rose through the ranks to become an Executive Chef. He is now using his knowledge of food, flavor profiles and pairings to create his hand-crafted chocolate.  As a direct descendant of H.O. Wilbur, who founded the well known Wilbur Chocolate Company in Philadelphia and Lititz in 1884, Andre has chocolate in his DNA.  He has fond memories from when he lived in Venezuela, where we find some of the world's most exquisite cacao.


Nantucket Faraway Chocolate is made by hand in a process that involves roasting, cracking, grinding and conching organic cacao beans sourced from all over the equator.  All our ingredients are organic and sourced directly from small family farms and cooperatives growing their crops in ethical and environmentally sustainable ways.  Cacao trees need to be carefully tended to before harvesting the pods.  The beans are picked by hand, fermented, then sun-dried before being packed and shipped to chocolate makers around the globe.  We take pride in supporting these small farmers and we look forward to telling their stories with our chocolates.