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Origin Story

Bean to Bar 

Welcome to Nantucket Faraway Chocolate, where we believe that everything we connect with has a story behind it, and storytelling is how we connect with one another. As a chef, owner Andre Marrero's approach to creating menus has always been rooted in trying to tell a story, whether it was about a season or about a particular event in time. The care and attention to detail really matter when putting all the aspects of a story together, and that is exactly how he approaches making chocolate.

Growing up in Venezuela, Andre was surrounded by some of the world's finest cacao, and he also grew up hearing stories of his great grandfather, H.O. Wilbur, and the iconic company he built with his brothers in Philadelphia and Lititz, PA, Wilbur Chocolates. Both of these aspects of his own origin story have played a key role in guiding him on this cacao journey.

After working with some amazing chefs throughout his culinary career, then becoming an executive chef himself, Andre thought he knew a lot about chocolate, but the deeper he went down this path, the more he realized how superficial his knowledge was. In 2020, he made a pivot from the savory side of the kitchen to the sweet side and decided to focus on exploring the world of craft chocolate making. He wanted to see what he could learn from the ancient cacao plant and the farmers who grow them, and what stories he could share with his community. That is how Nantucket Faraway Chocolate was born.

At Nantucket Faraway Chocolate, we are the island's first "bean to bar" chocolate maker, sourcing organic ingredients from small farmers and cooperatives around the world and making chocolate from scratch. We believe that the journey of chocolate starts long before it arrives in our kitchen, and that is why we take great care to source the highest quality cacao beans from small, independent farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

We invite you to taste the difference that our approach makes, to experience the unique flavors and stories that are behind each of our chocolate bars, and to join us on this cacao journey. We are excited to share our cacao origin stories with you and we hope that you enjoy every bite of our chocolate.

Thank you for choosing Nantucket Faraway Chocolate.

An image of Chef Andre Marrero pouring cacao nibs into a grinder to make chocolate liquor
An image of several chocolate products on display at a farmer' market.  Toffee boxes, Chocolate Bars
A photo from the beach of a fall sunset over the Atlantic Ocean
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