Dark Chocolate w/ Nibs, Guatemala

Dark Chocolate w/ Nibs, Guatemala


 Origin:  Guatemala - Cahabón

 Region: Alta Verapaz

 Type: Mostly UF-667 and other grown by local families


 Flavor Notes:

This bean has a bold intensity, although it is not hugely complex.  Quite often I have found that larger beans, not unlike many jumbo sized fruits and vegetables, are mild in flavor.  This is a nice exception to that trend (it really isn’t a rule).  There is a very delicate fruit blossom aroma (plum and/or apricot).  The chocolate flavor is moderately large and has an acidity tang of fresh red fruit. It is a softer malic acid, not is refreshing, not challenging  It is balanced out by walnut and mildly tannic brazil nut plus a little astringency.  It finishes off with a full, lush hint of caramel.

-Chocolate Alchemy