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Welcome to Nantucket Faraway Chocolate!  Here, each bar tells a story, a legacy of our family's passion for connecting and creating amazing chocolate making experience.  We're not just chocolate makers; we're artisans, blending tradition with the finest organic ingredients sourced from around the globe. Our journey from bean to bar is filled with dedication and a commitment to create unforgettable chocolate experiences for you.

We are excited to share our creations through our online portal and as well as our brand new retail  location at

16 Old South Wharf!   

Thank you for being part of our story and our adventure, from bean-to-bar!

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Proudly sourcing ingredients from small farms and co-ops around the world. 

With a commitment to the farmer, fine chocolate makers use ethical practices to source the highest quality flavor beans and cocoa, often from single countries of origin and individual growers.

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Connect, with Chocolate...

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Bean to Bar Process

Chocolate Making Process

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Cocoa grows within 20 degrees north or south of the equator. Cocoa trees require high humidity, fertile soils, with abundant rainfall and warm temperatures.

Cacao Beans Fermenting



Through a meticulous process, the beans are carefully fermented and dried for over a week in order to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of the beans. This process is essential to producing high-quality chocolate with a richness of flavor unique to each origin. 


Cacao Beans Drying


Proper drying of the beans, commonly in the sun, ensures the correct fermentation process is not compromised on the beans’ long trip to the chocolate maker.


Roasting Cacao Beans


Before roasting beans are inspected and sorted.  Roasting time and temperature depend on the profile of the raw bean.  Generally beans are roasted in temps of 250°F up to 350°F for 30-90 minutes. 

Winnowing the Roasted Cacao Beans



Roasted beans are cooled, cracked and winnowed in order to separate the husk from the nib.  

Grinding Cacao Beans



Depending on the flavor profile, the nibs are ground to a fine paste using a stone melanger.  In this step we add our organic sugar and cacao butter and grind to a fine consistency.


Tempering Chocolate


Through a series of heating and cooling the chocolate is prepared for its final step where it will have a distinct shine and snap.


Finished Chocolate Bars


The tempered chocolate is poured into moulds and cooled before being wrapped and labeled.  And then the fun of enjoying the taste begins!

Mark, Nantucket

"The best chocolate, and the toffee is amazing!"

Beth, Nantucket

"We had a terrific afternoon with Chef Andre learning and making chocolate. The passion, time and quality of ingredients that goes in to one single bar of this delicious product is amazing. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun as well. We look forward to the next class!"

Maria, NYC

"Simply perfect!"
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