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Photo of Chef Andre Marrero at a Sustainable Market Event on Nantucket

My Origin Story

Sketch of sailboat with a tropical island background

A Journey to Nantucket

Welcome to Nantucket Faraway Chocolate, where discerning palates discover an exquisite chocolate experience and where we are celebrating the artistry and heritage of this timeless indulgence.


My passion traces back to a cacao-rich childhood outside Valencia, Venezuela, coupled with tales from my great-grandfather H.O. Wilbur of the prestigious Wilbur Chocolates. After years as an executive chef, the lure of chocolate compelled me to launch Nantucket Faraway Chocolate from my home in late 2020.  


This season, we unveil our first retail location along the picturesque waterfront at 16 Old South Wharf. However, our vision extends to someday soon build Nantucket's premiere "bean to bar" chocolate factory with a stylishly appointed café and artisan workshop space - an organic, sustainable sanctuary offering global flavors.


For the well-traveled connoisseur, this is an invitation to embark on an extraordinary journey with us. One where every decadent bite reveals a multi-layered narrative of flavor and faraway adventures.


We eagerly await your arrival.




Faraway Adventurer on the bow of a sailboat heading into the sunset of a distant land
Chocolate Being Poured through fine mesh strainer
Photo of Pop Up Market Table
Chef Andre Marrero pouring cacao nibs into a grinder to make chocolate liquor

Visit our shop
16 Old South Wharf
Nantucket, Massachusetts

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