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Photo of Chef Andre Marrero at a Sustainable Market Event on Nantucket

My Origin Story

Sketch of sailboat with a tropical island background

A Chocolate Journey to Nantucket

Hello, I'm Andre, the creator and driving force behind Nantucket Faraway Chocolate. If you're here, it’s likely that we share an appreciation for life's refined pleasures, like the art of chocolate making—a journey that started for me in the cacao-rich landscapes of my childhood home outside Valencia, Venezuela.  That combined with absorbing the tales of my great-grandfather H.O. Wilbur, the man behind the esteemed Wilbur Chocolates of Philadelphia and Lititz, PA and his chocolate journey.

Though I’ve worn the hat of an executive chef for years, it was chocolate that felt like coming home. Realizing that my culinary adventure was just the prologue, I took a pivot in 2020 and launched Nantucket Faraway Chocolate. This is more than a brand; it's an homage to my roots and an open book to the compelling world of craft chocolate.

What's on the horizon? Picture Nantucket's very first “bean to bar” chocolate factory with a laid-back yet sophisticated café and event space. A sanctuary committed to organic, sustainable practices, offering a slice of global flavor right here in Nantucket.

So, consider this your invitation to join us on this extraordinary journey, one where each bite is a chapter, rich in narrative and flavor.


Warm regards,
Andre J. Marrero

Faraway Adventurer on the bow of a sailboat heading into the sunset of a distant land
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