70% Dark Chocolate

70% Dark Chocolate


Origin: Uganda
Region: Rwenzururu  - Semuliki Forest
Type: Mostly Trinitario and Amelonado
Certifications: Direct Trade, Uncertified Organic
Year: 2020


I was absolutely blown away by the intense holiday spice laced figgy/date pudding aroma coming off the finished chocolate.  It is just begging to let you down by not being present in the chocolate, but in this case it delivers in spades.

The deep chocolate backbone (thanks to the significant Amelonado in the mix) quickly gives way to super sweet caramel and dark brown sugar.  And as promised, it is laced throughout with spiced pudding flavors.  The bitterness I'm noting is from cinnamon and clove like flavors.  Astringency is near non-existent but the whole profile is balanced with just enough acidity to keep it lively and incredibly satisfying.  There is a little bit of nut that I can't quite identify that also bittered up with the high EOR (262 F) I gave it but it balanced and integrated just fine with the rest of the flavor profile and probably enhanced it even.  Finally there is a clean earthiness that brings a glorious deep mouth feel to the whole chocolate.

The impression I'm left with is fig jam laced cinnamon toast.

-Chocolate Alchemy