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Design challenges, does it ever end?

How I am looking to use artificial intelligence (AI) tech to help tell more interesting stories

Tapping into AI in order to explore different designs for packaging can lead to some really interesting outcomes.

Here's the prompt I was playing with on Imagine -

"An adventurer traveling the world on a sailboat seeking cacao from far away places to bring home to his native island of Nantucket where he creates Nantucket Faraway Chocolate bars made with single origin cacao."

And this is some of what came back:

While I am just starting to play with this, it's really exciting to see the results. I am continually amazed by how interesting some of the images are and how important dialing in the prompts will make them even better. This will help me come up with visual representations of where the cacao comes from and how it makes its way to us in the form of a delicious treat.


Some of the AI platforms I am experimenting with:

  • Imagine AI

  • Midjourney

  • DALL-E

  • Canva



Stay tuned for more examples of design, artwork and ideas being generated from these, and other, AI platforms. As the technology iterates and improves I will continue to share on this blog.

Share your thoughts, comments (and any ideas from better prompts) in the section below.



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