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Being a Dad, a Husband, a Chef, and now a Chocolate Maker? Welcome to my world...

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

A rainbow in the fog
Is a rainbow in the fog a "fogbow"?

Attempting to Chocolate Maker can't be that hard after all making chocolate is easy....

Roast Beans

Grind Beans

Boom! You made chocolate

It's basically sourcing the finest "better than fair trade" cacao beans that are fermented and dried, cracking them open, separating the husks from the nibs, tasting the nibs and deciding what percentage of sugar to add, putting that amount of sugar and nibs in a special grinder (makes a nice nut butter too!), grind those things for about 30+ hours, taste for fine micron size, adjust with cacao butter, after grinding clean granite rollers (no waste!), adjust viscosity with cacao butter, pour finished cacao mass through a series of fine meshed sieves into stainless steel pans, cover/label/store for a time before breaking it up in order to temper it before pouring into moulds in the shape of chocolate bars.

Easy breezy!

Pouring refined cacao through a series of fine sieves
Refining takes time, and a lot of paper towels!

Nice of you to stop by...

My name is Andre and I have a lot of titles (Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Chef, Chocolate Maker, Small Business Tycoon!).

I'm currently working on building a small chocolate making business on the remote island of Nantucket. I know what you're thinking, "man, that sounds amazing!". It is, and it isn't.

But that's the nature of life and we grow and iterate each step of the way.

My goal is to introduce you to my world and explore all it takes to make something from scratch (a chocolate bar, a business, a life).

Let's take a journey together...

One step at a time is how we get from here to there.


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